Whatsapp Spoiler App For Android 2023

Whatsapp Spoiler App For Android 2023
If you’re looking for an app for your Android device that can help you hide your Whatsapp message, you’ve come to the right place. You can even star your most standout messages.

This is especially useful if you like to keep your messages private, or if you’ve got a lot of friends on your Whatsapp list and you’re not keen on having them all see your message.

Change Text Size:
If you are using WhatsApp, you can change the text size directly from the app or your device. This will help you to read your message more easily, as it reduces strain on your eyes. You can also choose a font style, such as bold, italic, and monospace. Using special characters is also possible.

Changing the font size will not affect the look of your Home screen. However, it may affect the font used on your messages. To adjust the size of the text, go to Settings and select Display & Brightness.

Then, scroll down to the section called “Font Size.” Drag the slider to the left or right to increase or decrease the size of the text.

If you are having trouble reading the text on your WhatsApp messages, you can change the text size in a few different ways. One way is to pinch the screen. This will make the letters larger. Alternatively, you can use the “triple-tap Zoom” feature to temporarily enlarge the screen.

Once the magnification has finished, you can exit the screen. Another method is to choose a dark theme for better readability.

Star Your Standout Messages:
Starred messages is a feature of WhatApps, which allows users to mark certain messages or photos. This feature is useful for finding messages that you may want to refer to later. It works on both the Android and iPhone platforms. As such, you can easily see and access starred messages without having to open up the app.

If you’ve used the WhatApps app on your mobile device, you’ve probably noticed that it has a Starred Messages section. In this section, you can see all of the Starred messages that you’ve received, or you can filter the list by contacts.

Likewise, if you have saved a message into your Chat backup, you can see the same messages that you saved, even if you’ve deleted the message itself.

Add bold, italics, and strikethrough
When it comes to adding bold, italics, and strikethrough to Whatsapp messages, there are numerous options available. While the options may seem overwhelming, there is a way to make it easier on yourself. Download

You simply need to know which are the best options to use and which are the most likely to be successful.Using a combination of formatting options can be a great way to highlight specific words, phrases, and even entire messages. For example, if you are writing a long message, you might want to highlight several key words with bold text. This will make them more readable.

In addition to bold and italics, you can also format texts with monospace fonts. It is not as popular as bold, but it can be useful if you are trying to keep your message short and sweet.

Telegram plans to add animated emoji message reactions
Telegram is now offering an alternative way to contribute to the conversation by using animated emoji messages. Previously only available to Premium subscribers, these reactions are now available to everyone.

To access these reactions, simply right-click on the message you wish to react to. A downward arrow button will expand the options. You can choose from dozens of different reactions. This includes super reactions, which are more elaborate and come with neat animations.

Users can also change the default reaction. On iOS, users can do so by navigating to Stickers and Emoji, then Quick Reaction. Once there, they can select a new reaction, which can then be sent in a message.

For Android users, they can set their default reaction by navigating to Chat Settings. They will also need to enable translation. If they do, a dedicated Translate button will appear on the context menu when a message is selected.

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