Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Why dogs are better than cats. It’s a debate that has been going on for years, and there is no clear answer as to who the winner is. In fact, most people have their own opinion of which pet they think is best. One thing we can all agree on though, is that both dogs and cats bring joy into our lives in different ways. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons why dogs are better than cats.

My dog is better than your cat.  I know it’s not a fair comparison and I am sure that you love your cat, but hear me out.  Dogs can be used for protection while cats will just run away from danger.

Cats are more likely to cause an allergy flare up in those who suffer from pet allergies while dogs can actually help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies (especially if they have short hair). Dogs also need less maintenance than cats do; they eat less, require fewer vet visits, and shed less fur around the home.

So, you have a cat. Perhaps I don’t know your specific situation — maybe you’re an avid animal lover who thinks that cats are fine and dandy for everyone, or perhaps you’re just trying to be contrary. It doesn’t matter because I’m going to tell you why dogs are better anyway.

Cats will break your heart. This is a stark truth that an untold number of cat owners must face every day of their lives. Cats come and go as they please, and they rarely stick around for very long — not because they get hit by cars or die from horrible illnesses — but rather because they just up and leave one day. In the past eleven years, my only two dogs have been with me for a combined nineteen years.

My dog is the only living being that I’ve ever known who will actually respond to commands in a timely manner (“sit”, “lie down”) and follow them without question or delay. This is a notable contrast to cats who will simply gaze at you with that distinct feline look of disdain if you so much as ask them to do something for you.

My dog does not judge me based on the contents of my closet or makeup bag, nor does it care how many hours I spent deciding which outfit best flatters me . My dog loves me unconditionally and is always (literally 100% of the time) happy to see me when I get home from being away.

My dog does not have feline aids.

In my experience, cats are finicky and self-absorbed animals that tend to be mean or aloof with everyone except for their owner . Their queenly status is constantly reinforced by the fact that they are constantly surrounded by a fawning pack of servants (in my case, this would be me and my two young boys) who dote on them for their entire lives.

My dog has no feelings one way or another about whom I invite over to visit him. My dogs don’t come running from around a corner and scare the shit out of me .

My dog doesn’t stay up all night yowling, clawing at the walls, or watching me with a laser focus as I sleep. He sleeps peacefully on his doggy bed at night and enjoys some fresh air for an hour or two before bedtime.

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