Why Do Cats Stick Their Tongues Out?

Well, there are a lot of cat owners who have been wondering why their cats seem to be sticking out their tongues from time to time.

Unfortunately, vets do not have any clear answers as to why exactly this happens since the behavior is quite common in felines and they cannot really say for sure if it can be considered abnormal.

However, several species of animals do this same behavior and there are speculations on why cats seem to be sticking out their tongues besides for the usual panting that they normally do.

First, it is normal for felines to emit saliva when they are feeling stressed out or nervous. It seems like your cat is doing this whenever he sees you after you have been away for a while.

The same thing could be said when cats are being fed their meals, especially if they are hungry.

Cats may also be doing this to show affection towards their owners too. You see, cats love to groom themselves and licking their fur is something that they do on a regular basis. They also have moistened tongues that help them in doing this.

Cats can be curious creatures and your feline friend may just want to check out the environment around him by sticking his tongue out or licking different surfaces of your house, or even yours if you happen to have a sensitive skin that he seems attracted to.

However, there are also instances when felines would stick their tongues out due to certain health conditions. If your cat is sick, then he may be sticking his tongue out in order to get rid of extra saliva that accumulates in the mouth.

Irritation of the gums or an abscess can lead cats into pushing their tongues outside of their mouths too.

Felines can also do this as a cooling mechanism. If it is too hot, then your cat will want to lick or stick out his tongue as much as he can in order to transfer saliva from the mouth to the skin. This helps cool him down and regulate temperature .

As you can see, there are many reasons why cats decide to stick out their tongues and most of them are not really a cause for serious concern.

Since cats can carry several parasites and bacteria in their saliva, it is best to keep the curious behavior down by minimizing petting or you just brush your cat’s fur once in a while.

Cats stick their tongue out for a number of reasons. In most cases, it is because they are licking something off their fur or face, or just having a good old taste!

Cats have scent glands on the bottom side of their tongues and when they lick objects, they leave their personal scent behind. This is especially useful when they are in the wild, marking territory.

Licking also helps cats clean themselves. A cat’s tongue has small barbs on it which point backwards. These barbs are used to help move things into the mouth that the cat would like to eat, such as hairballs or prey. As well as helping with grooming, licking helps cats to cool down.

Cats do not have sweat glands over most of their body, so when they want to cool down they need to take some form of action! Licking is often the most convenient way for them to achieve this.

You can encourage your cat to stop sticking its tongue out by giving it something else to do. Cats like to keep themselves clean,

so offering them a scratching post or an area where they can rub their face and coat against something will make them feel less inclined to lick. If you would like some tips on how to encourage your cat to use such an item, this article might be helpful:

If all else fails and your cat is still sticking its tongue out, you should ask a vet about it.

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