Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs?

First and foremost: why choose between cats and dogs? Why not both? At any rate, I’ve got some really cool facts for you that’ll make you think twice about those pesky household pets. Ahem!

Before we get into the actual article here are a few quick facts about me: I’m a self-proclaimed kitty enthusiast. I’ve been around cats all my life and have always preferred them over dogs because they’re less work, cleaner, more low maintenance and require less time to be entertained.

For me, dogs are just too much work – the constant walking, feeding and various other activities that need to be done with canines just don’t sit right with me. I’ve also had my fair share of dog accidents – a few too many, if you ask me! Here are a few reasons why cats really are better than dogs:

Any cat lover will agree that their furry companion is nothing short of a miracle when it comes to cuddling. They always find the best and warmest spot in the room and position themselves perfectly,

allowing you to cuddle up with their soft fur. On those cold winter nights, nothing is better than curling up with a loving cat who can’t wait for you to pet it.

Cats require very little maintenance as they are naturally clean animals! They groom themselves regularly and keep their fur free from most dirt and debris.

Cats don’t usually need to be walked – this is a major time saver as you won’t have to dedicate quite as much of your day to caring for them, or worse: having accidents on the carpet!

However, if they do want some exercise outside the house, you can easily purchase a cat harness and lead them to your heart’s content.

Above all else, cats are more intelligent than dogs! They’ve been domesticated for centuries now and have developed some serious smarts over the years. Just like humans, they can tell when it’s time for dinner (or treat time!).

Most cats will even wait until you’re nearby before opening their food packets. As a result, you can train them to do all sorts of interesting tricks – from playing fetch to jumping through hoops!

Cats often tend to be much more cuddly than dogs as well. In my experience, most cats love nothing more than curling up with the family and having a ‘meow-long’. Dogs, on the other hand, will always be eager to play, run around or just go for a walk.

Here are some more mind-blowing facts about cats:

– Cats spend 30% of their time cleaning themselves – that’s three times more than any dog!

– The first cat show was held in 1871 – it included various breeds of the domestic cat.

– Cats have been kept as pets for around 9,500 years.

– As a result of deforestation the Siberian Tiger population has dwindled to just 350 individuals – one of which is called ‘Butch’ and lives at an animal sanctuary in Tennessee, USA.

– Oh, and cats can see in the dark – that’s right! They have a layer of extra reflecting cells behind their retina which allows them to see perfectly even on the darkest of nights.

10 reasons why cats are better than dogs

1. Cats don’t need to be walked

Cats are independent creatures who do not rely on their humans for entertainment or transportation. Cats are able to entertain themselves with toys, climbing furniture and pouncing on unsuspecting housemates.

2. Cats can be left alone for long periods of time without getting lonely or depressed

Unlike dogs, cats are solitary creatures and do not rely on humans for companionship or friendship. This means they can be left alone for long periods of time without any psychological damage.

3. Cats are small enough to fit in your handbag

Cats are much smaller than dogs, which means they can easily fit into a handbag or shopping bag when you want take them out with you. No more need for doggy day care!

4. Cats are well-suited to living in flats

Cats can often be happy and well-adjusted when living in flats, whereas dogs need loads of space to run around and explore.

5. Cats don’t need walks outside either!

Similar to their suitability for living in flats, cats do not need walks outside and can get all the exercise they need by playing with their toys.

6. Cats cost less to feed than dogs

Cats require a small amount of food compared to dogs so you can save money on buying catnip and cat treats!

7. Cats are cleaner animals than dogs

Cats are fastidiously clean animals who spend an awful lot of time cleaning themselves. A quick brush every day will keep your cat’s coat shiny and healthy.

8. Cats can be taught to use a litter tray!

Unlike dogs, cats can be trained to use the toilet or a litter tray indoors. This means no more early morning walks in the rain.

9. Cats don’t need to be walked on a lead

On that note, cats do not need to be walked on a lead because they won’t run away! A cat is safe to roam around your garden without worrying about it running off or getting lost.

10. Finally, cats are better than dogs because they understand you

This is the most important reason why cats are better than dogs. Cats will look at you with their head cocked to one side and listen intently to everything that comes out of your mouth, as if they understand every word. This is not true for dogs

So there you go – I hope everyone learned something new today and if not, at least we all had a few laughs? Anyway, it’s time for me to get back to my cat cuddles – I hope you all have a lovely day!

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