Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs Scientifically?

Scientists have been debating this question for centuries, but now we can finally put an end to the discussion. Cats are clearly superior and they’ve proven themselves time after time!

The debate about which animal is better: dogs or cats? has gone on since humans first domesticated them around 3000 B.C.,

so it’s not surprising there are passionate supporters on both sides of the spectrum; some will tell you that their favorite pet knows how to do anything while others believe those same pets only need love from family members.

It’s hard to believe that cats have been dominating the internet for years. People love them and they seem so chill in those videos on YouTube, but deep down everyone knows who really rules supreme: The Cat!

The debate over whether or not cats are better than dogs is one that has been going for centuries. Is it because they don’t smell?

That’s surely part of their appeal! But there are so many more reasons why these furry felines have managed to outshine our canine companions: taking up less space, being easier on your wallet (space permitting) and low maintenance.

the list goes on forever really but you get my point–in an age where we’re all trying hard enough just trying to keep ourselves afloat as humans without adding another animal into the mix?!

A recent study has discovered over 2,000 fossils that reveal how members of the cat family are far better survivors than dogs.

Their retractable claws helped them succeed in their hunt for meat and other prey while being able to choose when it’s most appropriate or necessary use those pointed nails as a deadly weapon unlike canines whose constant exposure makes all types uneasy around them

Cats have even learnt how to deceive humans, they’re that clever. They can produce more than 100 different sounds and far more impressive than the pitiful 10 noises that dogs make!

To top it off cats are able of imitating human cries in order attract our attention when we need something badly (like food). So next time you think about getting a new pet don’t forget what I’m saying.

Cats can improve your health, and they don’t smell like they’ve just emerged from a swamp every time you fancy cuddles. Ownership of the cat actually reduces chances for heart attack by 40%.

It’s win-win situation since it lowers blood pressure while providing an extra fluffy friend! Plus cats live longer than dogs so there is even more opportunity in making use with these benefits
Science says so, cats are better than dogs. They can do everything a dog could and more!

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