How Much Are Hairless Cats – Sphynx Cats Price Guide

Sphynx cats are expensive because they don’t produce any hair. However, other breeds of no-coat kitty cost much less than the Sphinx breed does!

When people think about adopting a sphynx it’s often their price tag which puts them off – we explain what makes these guys so costly and list some alternatives available at lower costs.

Sphynx cats are known for being some of the most expensive felines in existence. The current Sphinx cat price varies depending on several factors, but it’s always important to do your research before buying a kitten!

A reputable Sphynx breeder can charge $1500 to $4500, depending on demand and quality. If you want a rare color like blue or orange-red then expect prices that range from$4000-$10000 for champion lines with breeding rights!

Always ask to see the breeder’s credentials and evidence of health screening for a Sphynx kitten before you decide on a price. If they can not provide this, then look elsewhere!

You should be vary wary when paying less than $1500 for purebred sphynx kittens as there is little proof that these cats come from reputable breeders or have been vet checked/vaccinated twice already like most pet stores require now days.

You might be lucky enough to find a Sphynx kitten at your local shelter. If you do, it’s worth paying extra for the full health screening that will help keep any genetic problems out of future generations and preserve this beautiful breed’s existence!

Sphynx cat price

Sphynx quality Price
Standard pedigree cat (novice breeder) $1500 – $3000
Standard pedigree cat (experienced breeder) $3,000 – $4500
Breeding and rare-colored cats $4500 – $10000

Other hairless cat prices

Hairless Cat Average Price
Donskoy or Don Sphynx $1200
Peterbald $1200
Ukrainian Levkoy $1200
Bambino $1800
Elf $2000
Dwelf $2000
Minskin $1600

A Sphynx is a hairless cat with an exorbitant price tag. So what are the reasons behind this apparent extortion? Let’s take a look at some of them!

The first thing you’ll notice when researching these adorable creatures on Google Images or YouTube videos, it seems as if every single one has their fur stripped away from head-to-toe in order to create that exact “Sphinx” look

Why Sphynx Cats Cost So Much

Sphynx cats are not just rare and expensive, but they’re also the most sought-after breed on earth. With an ever increasing demand for Sphinxes exceeding supply at any given time in history we have no choice but pay what some would say is a price too high!

Sphynx Breeders’ Costs

One of the reasons why Sphynx cats are so expensive is because they have to recoup all costs incurred from producing them, and make a profit too. The breeder has spent plenty on their breeding program.

Male Sphynx vs Female Sphynx

Sphynx cats are typically seen as a luxury breed, with males costing more than females because they can be bred to produce desirable and valuable Sphynx kittens. However, the cost for spaying or neutering is similar between genders

so it doesn’t make sense why some people would get rid of their female when she’s just as good at being cared-for by one person instead if you were going to keep her anyway

Types of Sphynx cat

Most people want to own a Sphynx cat but some like the show quality and price. There is an extreme difference in health between these two types of cats, with pet quality pets being perfectly healthy while breeders or conformation showing their traits through flawless genealogy.


The cost of owning a sphynx cat is high because it’s so rare and breeding them too. It can also be costly to get your hands on one when you do find one, as well as keep up with their ongoing expenses like food or vet bills if they’re sickly from lack in care by owners before now.

The Sphynx (sphinxkitty) comes from ancient Egyptian mythology where there are pet rock creatures with this name who turn into any shape but always return back after each transformation due t otheir magical powers beneath earth.

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