Benefits Of Having A Cat

Imagine you’re bitten by a poisonous snake. Would you rather be taken to the nearest functioning hospital, or to someone’s home with some medical equipment? A cat can provide things like antibacterial ointment and IV fluid replacement. Cats are great at killing mice and other small rodents, and benefit the environment by doing so.

5 Benefits Of Having A Cat

1. They are great companions

Cats are generally very easy to get along with, and they offer affection when it is desired most. While some cats can be rather aloof, others really enjoy the company of humans; especially their owner, whom they will follow around the house and curl up in your lap when you settle down for a quick nap. Cats are natural hunters, so they keep rodents away from the home without chemicals or traps.

2. Helps you relax

When stressed out from a long day at work, there is no better medicine than petting your cat and watching it purr and curl up in your lap and take a nap. You can also get a quick workout in, without really putting forth any effort at all. Just pick your cat up and start carrying it around the house.

3. They are low maintenance pets

Cats don’t need to be walked or taken outside for daily exercise like dogs do, unless they want to go out there themselves! Cats are very clean animals, so you don’t have to worry about taking them out in bad weather to use the restroom.

4. Cats are entertaining

Cats love to play, so get ready for endless amounts of entertainment! They will hunt down toys you drag across the floor, and watch everything that goes on around them with their intense gaze. You can even teach your cat tricks like “sit” and “play dead”.

5. Companions for life

When you adopt a cat from a shelter you get it’s unconditional love, and they get a great new home. There are many cats in shelters across the country that have been abandoned or even abused that just need someone to take them home and give them a forever friend!

Whilst this is great for your garden, it can attract pests such as mosquitoes or leeches. A cat will eat up to 20% of their own weight in one sitting – so there’s no need to worry about them going hungry!

They’ll clean themselves on a regular basis if you don’t have time for a bath. They’re also better at getting rid of excess hair than a vacuum cleaner, which is useful if you’ve got long haired members of the family.

Cats are nocturnal animals – so they sleep during the day and are active during the night! If you suffer from insomnia, having a cat can be beneficial because they’ll be active while you’re trying to sleep.

Cats are extremely clean animals – so if you’re not a fan of hair or dirt, this benefit could seal the deal for you!
Cats are helpful in many ways that people don’t realise. They provide companionship, affection and they’re very clean animals. If you’re looking to get one as a pet, here are a few things to consider:

  • Don’t get a cat if you’re not willing to keep it indoors, particularly at night when they’re most active.
  • Make sure your cat is neutered – this will reduce their desire to go outside and could save them from an early death!
  • Give your cat a safe place to sleep, such as a cardboard box or small crate.
  • Want to let them outside but afraid of what might happen? Keep them on a leash and harness when you take them out for walks!

-Although cats are great creatures, they’re still just that – creatures. They won’t predict when you’re about to have an asthma attack and come just in time. If this is something you desire, perhaps a companion animal such as a dog would be better for you.

-Cats don’t typically like water – so giving them a bath will likely end with your cat scratching or biting out of fear. It’s best to just give them a wipe down with a damp cloth.

-Cats can’t read – so you don’t need to worry about your furniture being ruined by claw marks! However, they do require things such as toys and scratching posts.

-If you live in an apartment or somewhere where there’s not much space for exercise, it’s crucial to give your cat plenty of toys to play with. If they become bored, you could have a very destructive kitty on your hands.

-Not everyone is a cat person – in fact, some people are allergic! Before choosing a pet, make sure that all the members of the family are willing and able to look after them!

-Cats need a lot of alone time. If you’re the kind of person who needs to be around your pet all the time, a cat might not be for you.

-If you’ve got kids, consider whether they’re responsible enough to look after an animal! Make sure that they know how to treat them and keep them safe.

-Cats don’t like change. If you’re planning on moving houses or changing jobs, it might be best to wait until these major life changes are out of the way before getting a cat.

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