8 Things Your Senior Cat Will Thank You For Doing

As cats age, their needs change. They become more sensitive physically and mentally; as well as having a physical body that changes with time. Senior kitties also need extra help living out the golden years of their lives in happiness and healthiness! If you’re wondering how to make life better for your aging feline friend consider these tips:

Give them plenty of love – Treating an older cat like they were still kittens will keep them happy which leads into feeling younger than ever before (and being healthier too!). Make sure there are multiple litter boxes around so when one gets used up quickly take care not just be cleaning this single spot but clean all over again until replacements arrive from home delivery services such

#1 – More Beds

As our cats grow older, their bodies become stiffer and surfaces such as hardwood floors can be painful. Senior citizens will appreciate extra beds to sleep on or soft cushions for when they need a break from walking around!

#2 – Stairs & Ramps

Luckily, our cats still love us even when we get older. To make sure they stay healthy and happy around the house you’ll want to help them down stairs or up steps with a ramp (or in between couch cushions). It’s also important that their joints don’t stiffen so using one of these is key!

#3 – Diet Change

A cat’s nutritional needs change over time. For example, older cats need a different amount of certain nutrients than young ones and they might not require as many calories from food to maintain their weight because of decreased metabolic rates with age or health reasons like being on a diet for veterinary purposes (elderly animals sometimes have difficulty assimilating essential nutrients unless given supplements).
Battery-powered feeder dishes can help you avoid having your feline friend eat standing up out her bowl while she scarfs down all her meal in about 15 minutes instead!

#4 – Keep Active

Just because your cat is old in body doesn’t mean they are out of mind! Your senior feline will still want to spend quality time with you. They often act like kittens and enjoy playing all their earlier games, as well as some new ones too! Keeping your cats both mentally stimulated keeps them happy for many years down the road- so don’t forget about that crucial playtime or cuddles when caring for an older pet

Aging can make anyone feel vulnerable, but there’s no need worry – due especially if that person has had plenty of love throughout life already from his/her human companionship who knows exactly how best take care him while staying active themselves

#5 – Extra Comfort

Cats are wonderful, furry bundles of joy. As they age and their bodies change it is important to keep up with the needs changes this brings about! Cats in hotter climates may require extra care because if left un-cared for can cause skin disorders or other health problems; those who live through winters will need more than just a warm coat during these cold months as well –

fans help cool them off while coats protect against harsh weather conditions like snow storms that bite at your fingers when you touch an instrument outdoors without gloves on feeling pain from below hands going all the way down into palm

#6 – Mobility Assistance

Keeping your cat active can help prevent the onset of arthritis and other ailments in old age. By using their muscles, joints are kept happy while avoiding atrophy that would lead to pain for them as well! You might also want supplements prescribed by your vet if you’re seeing any signs with pain management from this condition.

#7 – Increased Veterinary Care

As your cat ages, the number of visits to veterinarian will increase. This is because so many ailments come with advancing years- joint pain and mobility issues are common in senior cats; weakened immune systems set in as they age too (and you might notice it more).

You’ll want regular checkups from now on if recommended by vet! Certain cancers or organ diseases need early detection for successful treatments.”

#8 – Weight Control

In the same way your cat will need to change their nutrients in senior years, they also need different calories. Weight changes are not uncommon for cats as they age and can either be too many of a good thing

which causes weight gain or insufficient nutrition leading them struggle maintain healthy weight due muscle weakening along with thinner body tissues causing anorexia (a lack of appetite). Work closely together with veterinarian so that you’re able make sure this doesn’t occur!

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